Family Law

Family Law

Contact us for an initial consultation and to learn your rights and duties as a spouse, parent and legal guardian. Divorce can be difficult to navigate.  Our office knows divorce often places an emotional and financial strain on an entire family.  We have years of experience working with individuals and families who are going through divorce.

If you are in the process of getting a divorce, there may be many issues at play. There are often several financial issues, including division of assets, property division, and more intricate financial situations such as establishing a qualified domestic relations plan for dividing the pension of a spouse. There are also several issues directly concerning your children.

The Law Office of David Schmidt can work with families on issues of child custody, visitation, parenting plans, paternity, and child support. We have experience with child custody issues in cases of abuse, family adoptions, and acting as a guardian in a child custody matter.

In addition, we work with clients who are interested in modifying an existing divorce order. Our office can work through your situation to see that your needs and legal considerations are resolved.  Mr. Schmidt has worked with many clients and their families to get through these difficult situations.