Real Estate

Real Estate 

Many issues arise when dealing in today’s real estate market.  We can handle your deed transfers, review your financing documents, prepare transfer deeds including general warranty deed, quit claim deed, personal representative’s deed, deed of trust, beneficiary deed and trustee’s deeds.  We regularly prepare and review real estate sales contracts.

Most issues of real estate involve estate planning.  We can prepare a Trust which can then be used to transfer your property upon your death, without the need for probate. A corporation or limited liability company is also an excellent way to hold your property if you invest in real estate.  Each situation is unique.  Contact our office to discuss your needs.

Mr. Schmidt has handled many court cases involving real estate.  He is well versed on real estate law in Missouri and is willing to discuss your potential case and/or pending litigation.

Our office handles foreclosure proceedings, for individuals and loan companies. Call our office for pricing and the steps involved in foreclosure of real estate.

We handle landlord / tenant cases.  We can prepare and review rental agreements, leases, contracts, as well as file or defend rent and possession actions in court.  Call us.