Small Business / Corporate Law

Small Business / Corporate Law 

Many individuals are starting their own business.  It is important to have the right professionals available, both when just starting the business and during your success.  We can handle the needs of individuals, partners, corporations, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships.  Our office is able to organize your legal entity and see that the proper legal forms are prepared for your own unique business organization.  If you are unsure about your corporate status, call and we can set you in the right direction. We handle incorporation, general corporation, partnership, professional corporation (PC), limited liability company (LLC), buy/sell agreements, confidentiality agreements, business sale contracts, non-compete agreements, succession planning, and employment agreements.

If you currently run your own business, or looking to purchase an existing business, our office is equipped to handle your legal questions and issues. The office is experienced in dealing with small business legal matters, and will be more than happy to just answer a question, research a legal issue, prepare documents, and if necessary represent the company as legal counsel.  The complexities of today’s business world require you have the right professionals on board.  Call us at 636.240.6667 and we can discuss our services with you.